News - Feb 11, 2015

Digimind Launches The Influencer Network for Twitter

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new feature within Digimind Social - the Influencer Network, a dynamic and interactive portal that lets you identify and analyze your brand’s top influencers and strongest communities and...
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News - Dec 15, 2011

Digimind Compliance - Know Your Customer

What is Digimind Compliance?
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News - Jul 8, 2011


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Events - Oct 6, 2009

Meet with Digimind during SCIP Europe in Amsterdam (nov 4-6)

[colonne=453] Every year the SCIP organization gathers Competitive Intelligence professionals in Europe. This year, SCIP set its conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 11/4 to 11/6. The conference will take place at the...
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Company - Aug 7, 2009

Digimind searches, monitors and analyzes the social web

Business problem: The surge of social media makes the tracking of news and comments posted on these media very cumbersome and time consuming.
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News - Apr 29, 2009

New: Consumer Insight, the essential handbook!

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Company - May 20, 2008

Digimind.7 receives highly positive initial feedback

The new visual approach to intelligence offered by Digimind.7, the major new version of the leading intelligence platform, is meeting an enthusiastic welcome from the software provider's first customers, as well as journalists...
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News - Nov 27, 2006

Digimind announces integration of UIMA

Digimind has announced that it now supports UIMA and has developed 5 connectors to enable automatic entity extraction for competitive intelligence. By integrating UIMA, Digimind's knowledge cartridges now offer the added...
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News - Sep 22, 2006

Digimind’s Categorizer 2.0 automates companies’ tracking of key changes in the market

Receive an automatic alert as soon as there is a take-over, a new partnership, merger, product launch, nomination, when a new production site opens or any other major change occurs in your sector. This goal becomes reality with...
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Events - Oct 4, 2005

Digimind will present its 2nd generation internet surveillance technologies at the Deutsches Competitive Intelligence Forum

DIGIMIND, n° 1 French provider of competitive intelligence software, will present its latest innovative solutions in the field of automated internet surveillance on November 23 at the annual Competitive Intelligence Forum in...
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News - Sep 12, 2005

Digimind will unveil its method for calculating the Return On Investment from a Competitive Intelligence system on September 30, at the 1st ICC convention

DIGIMIND, n°1 French provider of competitive intelligence software solutions, will unveil its method for calculating the ROI from Competitive Intelligence systems at the 1st "Innovation, Competition & Knowledge" convention, held...
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News - Jun 22, 2005

Digimind Evolution 1.9 uses innovative automatic data-extraction technology to keep a global eye on unstructured information on internet

Digimind Evolution 1.9 has incorporated 2nd generation internet surveillance technologies based on major innovations in the field of automatic data-extraction. The main advantage is to increase manifold the number of...
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News - Jul 2, 2000

column Finder ICT Prize Winner

About the European ICT Prize The European Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Prize is the most distinguished award for innovative products and services that represent the best of European innovation in ICT....
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News - Jul 2, 2000

column CEPEX

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News - Jul 2, 2000

column I et e

An independent group since 1962, i&e helps organizations develop and implement communication strategies in France and around the world, based on a solid understanding of opinion systems and hey audiences. Three subsidiaries...
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