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Digimind’s Categorizer 2.0 automates companies’ tracking of key changes in the market

Receive an automatic alert as soon as there is a take-over, a new partnership, merger, product launch, nomination, when a new production site opens or any other major change occurs in your sector. This goal becomes reality with Digimind Categorizer 2.0, the new automated categorization technology from Digimind which joins the ranks of the best algorithms worldwide.

An automated categorization algorithm of global standing

Digimind, the leading provider of competitive intelligence software, today announced the advent on the market of Digimind Categorizer 2.0, the new automated categorization technology developed at the Digimind Research Center in Grenoble.

After enthusiastic feedback following Categorizer's first release and a project to optimize processing, this latest algorithm derived from Support Vector Machines (SVM) is on a level with the world's best automated categorization technologies, delivering relevance results in excess of 90% (details provided in a white paper available on Digimind's website).

Automated categorization applied to the field of competitive intelligence

The standard version of Digimind Categorizer 2.0 includes training documents relevant for analyzing organizational strategy. These were set up based on the IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) standard, where the classification was simplified and completed in order to include only categories that are applicable to the analysis of organizational strategy.

The corpus incorporates several areas corresponding to the main functions within companies:

- Human resources
- Research and development
- Marketing
- Finance
- …

As soon as information is detected by the competitive intelligence software, Digimind Categorizer can determine whether it concerns the launch of a new product, the nomination of a key person, the opening of a new plant, etc. At the user's request, it can automatically file the information into the appropriate folder or simply suggest where it should be filed.

In addition to this solution's ability to extract the most relevant information from large volumes of data, the benefits are numerous: time saving, wider surveillance, harmonization of filing process, more targeted publication… Return on investment is rapid and considerable in size.

Handles growth in volume and highly compatible with other applications and systems

Digimind Categorizer is just one of the component parts of Digimind Prism, the development framework for competitive intelligence, and is available as part of the provider's integrated intelligence platform Digimind Evolution, or as an autonomous module.

Digimind Categorizer 2.0 is a multi-user server solution, hosted by Digimind or installed locally, accessible via web browser. It can be also be accessed as a web service, enabling interoperability and compatibility with all types of format, application and software used on the main operating systems on the market (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac).

Developed in line with industry standards (J2EE, EJB, SOA) it can handle changes in volume and categorizes an impressive number of documents with speed and efficiency.

Digimind Categorizer is available at the competitive annual fee of 10,000 euros, excluding configuration services.

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