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World-leading social media platform Digimind is now part of Onclusive. Onclusive is a global partner for PR and Communications success, combining industry-leading data science with an international consultancy and best-in-class PR workflow tools. Together, our technology, insights and expertise make sense of the fractured, fast-moving media world, helping you manage, monitor and measure your activity. Learn more about Onclusive at  www.onclusive.com

Our mission

In 1998, the web was just starting and there was very little information available. It was the moment when the idea for Digimind emerged, and our mission was clear: to build innovative technologies helping our clients turn those scattered pieces of data into insights. Two decades later, we live in information overload but our mission remained the same: helping our clients to understand the world as it is.

Executive Team

Co-Founder, CEO

Paul Vivant

Co-founder, CRO

Patrice Francois


Mohammed ElHaddar

VP Services

Yann Guilain

VP People & Diversity

Frederique Clappier

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