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In 1998, the web was just starting and there was very little information available. It was the moment when the idea for Digimind emerged, and our mission was clear: to build innovative technologies helping our clients turn those scattered pieces of data into insights. Two decades later, we live in information overload but our mission remained the same: helping our clients to understand the world as it is.

Executive Team

Co-Founder, CEO

Paul Vivant

Co-founder, CRO

Patrice Francois


Mohammed ElHaddar

VP of Services

Yann Guilain


Raphael Fauveau


Aurelien Blaha

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News Release

The partnership cements both companies’ commitment to AI-Driven Social Data for consumer enterprises and agencies.

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News Release

Consumers in Asia Pacific more vocal about the importance of personal health amid Covid-19, while continuing to cast scrutiny on the ...

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News Release

NEW YORK, Dec 18, 2020 - Digimind announces the availability of integrations with Qualtrics, Microsoft Teams, and Google Data Studio, as ...

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