We guarantee faster time to value


We guarantee faster time to value

We know how important user adoption is in making the most of Digimind Solutions. You need expert training resources and support that are accessible, and adaptable—all of which you may not have in-house. You need to focus on keeping daily operations at optimal productivity, not spending time making sure everyone has the knowledge they need to maximize the new system. This is what Digimind Services are made for.


We know the way

You know perfectly well the objectives to be achieved, but you hesitate on the best way to reach them. Let yourself be guided by our expert consultants on your challenges, your market and digital content.

From the expression of the initial need to managing the achievement of results over time, we translate your strategic and operational objectives into settings, dashboards and performance indicators. We empower your employees and minimize the risks during implementation.

Whether you need simple directions to get your trip off to a good start or you want us to take the wheel, Digimind Services offer tailor-made packages for your needs.


Take the keys

Digimind professional trainers give you the step-by-step “how to” to our solutions and guarantee you enhanced adoption over time.

  • Access at any time and without limit to our Digimind Academy to learn the fundamentals or become an expert in our solutions.
  • Obtain certifications for each of the targeted levels and thus validate the adoption of your teams.
  • Make training a unique moment by relying on our distance learning offers, in our offices or in your place anywhere in the world.

Allowing you to move forward

We know the importance of receiving answers to the functional questions we ask ourselves when we need them.

Good news is that our support team is organized to address this!

All over the world, access our live chats and help centers whenever you want. Our goal is to get you satisfied as quickly as possible.

Professional Services

Get expert guidance all along the journey

Professional Services

Get expert guidance all along the journey

Digimind consulting frees you for where you bring the most value to your company. In the meantime we ensure that your project is deploying well, with custom methodologies and users empowerment. Last but not least we provide you with the best digital practices and recommendations.

Project Management

Deployment & Change Management

Once you’ve successfully transitioned to Digimind Solutions, we will help you address additional changes as your business changes. Whether you extend your perimeter, grow the size of your team or deploy abroad, we will back up you to take the project the the next level. We love to inspire and empower users by driving a culture of change. 


Design methodologies

Analyze your current situation and model together the best methodology for your organization. Embrace an in-house Digital Data Strategy to facilitate business strategic directions.

Skills Transfer

Empower users

Design hands-on content and material to inspire and empower users on your Digital Data Strategy.


From a one-shot awareness workshop to a full yearly skills transfer program, we provide you with the relevant empowerment approach.   

Best Practices

Deliver digital recommendations

Monitor opportunities and threats to define actionable strategies on brand reputation, crisis management, customer engagement, trends, and digital campaigns.


Get custom actionable insights to make key-business decisions


Get custom actionable insights to make key-business decisions

Digimind Insights Lab helps you in making informed and consumer-led decisions with customized results-oriented human analyses. Our expert analysts provide you with ad hoc studies aiming to assess a particular focal point, generate newsletters or regular reports in order to gauge performance over time, or even proceed to systematic content curation.


Understand the voice of the customer

Take consumer-led decisions with a full picture of your brand’s online reputation and a deep analysis of your customers and prospects’ preferences, motivations, uses, and expectations.


Measure your campaign’s success

Analyse your campaign performance from its launch. Make adjustments throughout the campaign with regular reportings, determine its effectiveness and draw out valuable key learnings for future campaigns. 


Predict the customers’ behavioral shifts

Identify the emerging trends in your industry to discover new opportunities and stay one step ahead. We provide you with a consumer-centric trend approach aiming to deliver critical insights on behavioral shifts, and predictions on category trends. 


Look around you!

Understand market dynamics and see how your brand compares with your competitors. Identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as market trends in order to make key business decisions based on clear evidence.


Protect and improve your reputation

Adjust your brand strategy with complete analysis reports measuring your brand reputation and brand perception. Adopt a proactive response to potential crisis situations thanks to automatic & analyst-made alerts, brief notes and crises reports.


Keep track of your ambassadors and detractors

Identify new influencers and analyse which ones will help you improve brand awareness. Measure the performance of your brand ambassadors and keep an eye on your detractors thanks to complete influencers’ mapping and analyses.

Content Curation

Focus on the most relevant content

Millions of information are published every day on the Web and social media. Digimind Insights Lab provides you with the most relevant and most recent contents by reading, selecting and analysing them. Receive them directly as newsletters.

Digimind's team of consultants effectively supported us in the preparation of our next internal user-club of watchmen, by creating and running a workshop dedicated to collaborative watch. Brainstorming, role-playing, choices actions to put in place and planning of each person's missions. Success guaranteed for our event!

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Gilles Bonabeau - Head of Resource Center, Credit Agricole SA

Digimind is not just a tool. Our consultant helps us to always go further in information management and transform it into knowledge.

Nabil Chaki - Innovation Leader, Cdiscount

Thanks to the expertise and skills of our consultant and our account manager, we have succeeded in going beyond the stage of simply listening to social networks for our need for e-reputation. The team allowed us to go further in data analysis and thus be more proactive. We thus realize that thanks to Digimind, we are in the presence of a real gold mine.

Arnaud Mounier - Digital & Marketing Manager, Wienerberger

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