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Digimind announces integration of UIMA

Digimind has announced that it now supports UIMA and has developed 5 connectors to enable automatic entity extraction for competitive intelligence. By integrating UIMA, Digimind's knowledge cartridges now offer the added advantage of being compatible with IBM Omnifind.

Digimind NEE

Digimind NEE (Named Entity Extraction), a key component of the Digimind Prism framework, is a technology enabling automatic entity extraction within an unstructured text. It uses a double extraction method based on knowledge cartridges and the application of rules to discover new entities.

Digimind has designed connectors to 5 of its knowledge cartridges dedicated to competitive and economic intelligence, thereby making them compatible with UIMA and IBM Omnifind:

1. Organizations
2. People
3. Places
4. Dates
5. Currencies

As a consequence, all applications based on the UIMA standard can now exploit the wealth of knowledge provided by the cartridges specially designed by Digimind for market and competitive intelligence.

The UIMA project is an IBM initiative, aiming to rationalize research on automatic knowledge extraction

Designed by IBM Research, UIMA is a software framework for developing applications that are dedicated to the automatic processing of unstructured information, for the purpose of extraction, analysis, summarizing...

The UIMA Working group consortium was created in 2005 and comprises both private companies and universities. It aims to explore how UIMA's potential can address different problems associated with the automatic processing of natural language.

In November 2006, OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) set up a technical committee for standardizing UIMA specifications, basing their work on IBM's initial project with further input from other organizations such as Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Stanford University, etc.

Digimind's commitment to standards

Digimind's decision to adopt the UIMA standard is part of the provider's global strategy to open up its solutions to the widest possible audience, through ensuring their compatibility with the major applications on the market today.

Evidence of Digimind's outward-looking policy is its systematic selection of the mainstream standards for all its technologies: Web Services, XML, J2EE, JSF, EJB, IPTC norm…

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