Digimind Marketing - Apr 17, 2024

Digimind Launches AI Sentinel and releases Digimind Social 10.0




April 2024 - Digimind, an Onclusive company, a global leader in social listening with 26 years of innovation, has released the highly anticipated 10.0 series. The release showcases Digimind’s continued commitment to AI by releasing a series of unique innovations developed for PR, Communications and Marketing professionals.

Digimind Social 10.0 brings a renewed focus on AI as a ‘copilot’ with features designed to empower users to uncover key insights efficiently. Digimind’s ‘AI Sense’ has been trained to cater to the unique challenges of PR, communications and marketing professionals, supporting them in key use cases, such as Crisis Detection, Brand Reputation, Consumer Insights, Campaign Performance, and more

Powered by AI Sense, Digimind proudly unveils AI Sentinel. This cutting-edge smart alerting system autonomously identifies and comprehends the underlying reasons behind conversation surges that could harm a brand’s reputation. AI Sentinel has the unique ability to anticipate potential spikes in mentions, empowering users to forecast trends. 

"The Digimind Social 10.0 release represents a significant leap forward in our ongoing mission to support clients with impactful technology. We’re reducing the time it takes to uncover key insights for our PR, communications and marketing clients. AI Sentinel gives our clients more time to prepare for emerging trends or reputational threats," said Mohammed El Haddar, Director of R&D at Digimind.

AI Sense is the cornerstone of Digimind’s Social Listening platform and has a proven track record of pioneering AI-driven solutions, including: 

  • AI-Powered Peak Analysis: instant analysis of significant spikes in mentions related to client queries, combining the power of AI Sense and GenAI 
  • AI Query Enrichment: not only creates brand or theme monitoring queries with the AI Query Generator, but also suggests queries to complement the user’s current monitoring
  • AI Sentinel: Seamless alerting of emerging threats and opportunities, delivered straight to users' inboxes. With AI Sentinel, clients are armed with the quick insights necessary for informed strategic decisions.

Digmind has a long history of innovation. It was the first in the market to see the potential of generative AI. With its new product series, Digimind continues the commitment to  supporting PR, Communication, and Marketing teams to make informed decisions, crucial for their brand’s success and staying ahead of the curve.


Written by Digimind Marketing