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Digimind Evolution 1.9 uses innovative automatic data-extraction technology to keep a global eye on unstructured information on internet

Digimind Evolution 1.9 has incorporated 2nd generation internet surveillance technologies based on major innovations in the field of automatic data-extraction. The main advantage is to increase manifold the number of heterogenous online sources that can be monitored. This is ground-breaking technology compared to other solutions available on the market.

Second generation internet surveillance technologies

The 2nd generation surveillance technologies developed by Digimind mean that unstructured data can be scanned automatically, no matter the type of electronic source (web, invisible web, discussion forums, newsletters, weblogs,.), and whatever the format (html, pdf, doc, ppt, xls, ps,.) or language (even those using other characters such as Chinese, Japanese, Arab or Russian).

The fruit of an R&D program consisting of tens of man-years, supported by the OSEO-ANVAR, algorithms developed inhouse extract and restructure information completely automatically.

  • automatic language recognition;
  • automatic recognition of browser, automated queries and authentication in order to access information;
  • recognition and extraction of information such as news, press releases, events, publications, patents...;
  • identification of relevant news;
  • generation of standardized XML alerts, including automatic summary of each news item;

Result: a single query can be used to monitor all types of heterogenous sources - no specific technical knowledge required - and the identified news items are presented in a standardized newsthread (title, automatic summary, extracted news, link towards the original document): a user-friendly report for further work by analysts and experts.

Productivity gains and more comprehensive surveillance

Digimind Evolution provides a unique service for today's surveillance manager: a simple yet powerful tool which automatically monitors all relevant electronic information sources and delivers productivity gains of over 400%*.

The use of "2G" reaps an organizational reward, as the monitoring system can be deployed rapidly among all personnel involved in strategic and tactical projects, whatever their technical competence and consequently the company's collective monitoring capacity is multiplied.

*For more information, see the White Paper "Evaluate the return on investment from a competitive intelligence software" available on

Digimind solutions are available at an annual cost of €15,000.

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