admin - May 20, 2008

Digimind.7 receives highly positive initial feedback

The new visual approach to intelligence offered by Digimind.7, the major new version of the leading intelligence platform, is meeting an enthusiastic welcome from the software provider's first customers, as well as journalists and opinion leaders at the avant-premier unveiling.

The last 10 years have seen a systematic stream of radical innovations proposed by Digimind that anticipate the developments in intelligence practices: collaborative intelligence in 1998, automated web monitoring in 2000, integrated intelligence platforms in 2002…

Digimind.7, available in a limited Beta edition since April 2, represents another major breakthrough and a new approach to intelligence, based on a veritable informational management dashboard for use by every profession within the company…

Tracking tens of millions of information items every day, the system applies cutting-edge automated text-processing technologies to filter them and provide users with an in-depth view of their sector; in particular it generates on the fly real-time and interactive analysis charts.

There is no longer any need to sift through the mass of information every day: simply build up your own stock of charts that represent the issues of interest to you and then navigate around the information in a very visual way. One click on a break or bend in a curve, on the relation between a company and a person, on a dot cloud on a positioning matrix,…and the information at the source of the chart will pop up immediately.

"This new version is a fantastic tool for making strategic and tactical investigations: we have a direct insight into the changes in our market and into our competitors' activities, something we could never have achieved by sifting through every item one by one – and that would be absolutely impossible nowadays as the mass of information to be processed is so huge" explains Romuald Messina, Director of Business Intelligence at Schneider Electric.

Thanks to Digimind.7, Digimind provides every employee of the company with intelligence and research capabilities that were, till now, reserved for intelligence professionals. The latter have not been rendered useless, however, and benefit from the platform's most advanced intelligence modules, at the root of Digimind's success - they have a new opportunity to enhance their expertise and apply it to the solution's new end-user portal.

Supported by 10 years of uninterrupted and profitable growth, Digimind has invested heavily in this latest version and industrialized the sourcing process, created an R&D center completely devoted to advanced information processing and set up server farm clusters capable of handling huge volumes of information.

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