admin - Aug 7, 2009

Digimind searches, monitors and analyzes the social web

Business problem:
The surge of social media makes the tracking of news and comments posted on these media very cumbersome and time consuming.

The Digimind meta-search and tracking engine allows to automatically query multiple sources of the social web at the same time.

The automated tracking of social networks allows to measure users’ posts in timely manner and on a much larger scale than manually.

Whether a product announcement gets relayed on Twitter, a video or a document gets famous on Facebook, or a product discussion pops up on a blog, a message board, or a consumer web site, automated tracking gives companies anxious about their on-line reputation the competitive edge: they can incorporate the web 2.0 intelligence in their business decisions and they can act swiftly upon consumers’ behaviors.

Web 2.0 tracking typically serves :

- Consumer intelligence
- Thought leaders intelligence
- Opinion, society intelligence
- Competitive intelligence
- Technology intelligence
- Brand management
- Product management
- On-line reputation
- Marketing and communication guidelines and operations

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