Company - Sep 3, 2010

Newsletter September 2010

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News Release - Jul 6, 2010

Digimind-Compliance- Improving KYC Search

The Digimind-Compliance solution is the latest breakthrough in KYC (Know Your Customer) software. Leveraging web information to automate the process of checking for money-laundering, tax evasions, terrorism finance and other...
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Company - May 19, 2010

The Watchlist: Solving the Information Disconnect

Intelligence teams go through a complex process to gather information and present it in a manner that informs their company. However, at times disconnect between intelligence teams and the rest of the company can occur....
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Company - Jan 8, 2010

Digimind nominated as 2010 SIIA CODiE awards finalist

BOSTON, MA, January 6, 2010 – DIGIMIND, the leading provider of intelligence software, has been nominated as a finalist of the 2010 SIIA CODiE Awards for the “Best Solution Integrating Content into Workflow” category.
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Events - Oct 6, 2009

Meet with Digimind during SCIP Europe in Amsterdam (nov 4-6)

[colonne=453] Every year the SCIP organization gathers Competitive Intelligence professionals in Europe. This year, SCIP set its conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 11/4 to 11/6. The conference will take place at the...
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Events - Oct 1, 2009

Digimind will unveil Intelligence Manager at KMWorld 2009 (nov. 17-19)

Digimind steps forward again and raises web intelligence at corporate level.
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Company - Aug 7, 2009

Digimind searches, monitors and analyzes the social web

Business problem: The surge of social media makes the tracking of news and comments posted on these media very cumbersome and time consuming.
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Company - Apr 21, 2009

Consumer Insight, the essential handbook

Consumer Insight: How to Use Web and Social Media to Get Closer to Your Customer
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Events - Sep 10, 2008

SCIP Italia : European Competitive Intelligence Summit 08

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News - Aug 31, 2008

Competitive intelligence in Vietnam

"[...] Vietnam wants to set up a quest for power coupled with a policy of economic security. The state apparatus turns to this desire dear to marxism: cope with contradictions. Indeed, the Doi Moi is the mix of market economy...
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News - Aug 18, 2008

Competitive Intelligence in a Web 2.0 World - Part 2: Uncovering the ‘What’ and ‘Who’ of LinkedIn

"LinkedIn has become the most popular of the professionally focused social media sites, and therefore a goldmine for various competitive intelligence tidbits, sometimes disclosed inadvertently. What I particularly love about...
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News - Aug 17, 2008

CI News: Social media: The pathway toward gaining competitive intelligence

"Do smart b-to-b marketers use every available source of information to learn about developments in their competitive spaces? Not necessarily, according to a recent Hoover's poll gauging our audience's use of social media for...
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News - Aug 14, 2008

Competitive Intelligence: What Seems to Click

"How many times have you been asked about competitive intelligence? Someone sincerely wants to know what you do and how you might be helpful so they ask the obvious.
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News - Aug 13, 2008

How Consumer Technology Sellers Can Use Competitive Intelligence to Break Into Emerging Markets

"Gartner Research: How Consumer Technology Sellers Can Use Competitive Intelligence to Break Into Emerging Markets 11 August 2009, by Anshul Gupta
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News - Aug 12, 2008

Competitive Intelligence News: Maintaining Strategic Competitive Advantage

"Maintaining strategic competitive advantage through contemporary management tactics – a look at competitive intelligence. By james l. Clark, snr., esq. Pressures from competitors, changing customer needs, and the macroeconomy...
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