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Digimind-Compliance- Improving KYC Search

The Digimind-Compliance solution is the latest breakthrough in KYC (Know Your Customer) software. Leveraging web information to automate the process of checking for money-laundering, tax evasions, terrorism finance and other illegal money transactions. This application helps to streamline the rigorous process while improving efficiency and capabilities.

Improving through Automation:

Digimind-Compliance automates several of the analysis steps of the CDD process that can currently be time consuming:

  • • Proof of Existence (individual people or an organization)
  • • Network resolution: shareholders, management, partners, and other beneficiaries
  • • Producing the due diligence report
  • • Work flow management to avoid redundant work within the analyst team
  • • Internet-enabled techniques identify undermined risks through a built-in alerting system

Digimind-Compliance Benefits:

  • Increase productivity 8-fold:  Through automation and batch processing, Digimind-Compliance increases the amount of checks able to be performed, allowing analysts to conduct 8 times their current workload. Work capacity is increased while the time and cost to enroll and process new customers is reduced.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The solution complies with all CDD (Customer Due Diligence) and Patriot Act regulations.
  • Risk Management: Reduce operational and legal risks while improving your corporate image and credibility.

The Digimind Difference: Why Digimind-Compliance is different from other software solutions

  • Digimind-Compliance allows the parallel cross-checking of Internet and recommended professional sources (US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs)
  • Digimind-Compliance supports CDD workflow within large financial institutions, and avoids redundant checks by leveraging checks already conducted.
  • Digimind-Compliance is a turn-key, web-based, and user-customizable software solution that can integrate with existing information systems.

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