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The Watchlist: Solving the Information Disconnect

 Intelligence teams go through a complex process to gather information and present it in a manner that informs their company. However, at times   disconnect between intelligence teams and the rest of the company can occur.  Information may not be portrayed properly and efficiently from all parties involved. Digimind prides itself on providing a platform that offers multiple solutions to intelligence needs while streamlining the rigorous process and increasing productivity.  That’s why Digimind is excited to introduce the addition of The Watchlist to their list of solutions.

Intelligence teams are already busy conducting research and analyzing information, and publishing a report to constantly keep the rest of the company up-to-date can be a trying process. The Watchlist is the solution to relieving the pressure of constantly informing those indirectly involved, while also providing them with the information that they need.  By presenting information in a concise, easy-to-use format, everyone has access to critical information and the disconnect no longer exists.

Customizing Channels
The Watchlist allows an intelligence team to customize a series of channels with information that keeps the rest of their company “in the know”.  The channels are then provided to colleagues who can choose to opt in to information they’d like to receive. They will receive daily updates with information related to the channels that they subscribe to.  Channels can be subscribed, or unsubscribed to at any time, with no technical maintenance required.

Tracking the Results  
The Watchlist is also completely tractable.  Intelligence teams are able to see what channels their colleagues are subscribing too and what information is being read.  They can use this information to alter their own research, or update the channels to include information they feel is more pertinent to the rest of the company.

Benefits of The Watchlist
The Watchlist helps intelligence teams deliver information easier and more efficiently while also keeping the rest of a company up-to-date with critical information. With very little setup and no maintenance needed, employees can stay informed about objectives that the intelligence team deems important to the future of the company.

•  ROI: Increase intelligence efficiency from 20% -100% by educating more people
•  Stop subscribing to newsletters and publications that are rarely read.
•  Less emails and more information- one central location
•  Minimal setup required- program the channels and let the rest opt-in
•  Virtually no maintenance or updating to the tool required
•  Real-time information on a large range of topics
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