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SCIP Italia : European Competitive Intelligence Summit 08

The 2008 European Competitive Intelligence Summit is the largest gathering of European intelligence professionals from business and industry. Three days of rich content and networking opportunities. This Summit features the latest in competitive intelligence applications, business case studies, sharing ideas with top professionals, and much more.
Digimind is proud to take part in this event as a conference speaker:

New Analytical Tools and E-Platforms for the CI Practitioner
Clement Ducreux, Senior Internet Consultant, Digimind
Tuesday, October 21, 17:00-17:45 - Technology Showcase

"I will demonstrate the added value of "CI Dashboards" within the competitive decision-making process in a business context” says Yann Guilain. “The concept of a "dashboard" is defined here as a "graphic management chart representing a certain portion of the company's reality". This leads us to reflect on the contribution made by real-time generated "charts" in describing the outer world, at a time when the environment is increasingly complex and technologies are advancing daily.
In the field of Competitive Intelligence, we will illustrate the growing sophistication of graphic management charts which continually push back the frontiers of how to portray the environment. We will show the evolution from geographic or quantitative representations towards more qualitative representations of technologies, job offers, opinions or even values, feelings, trends or the relationship to a brand. The quantity and variety of data to process also implies a progressive industrialization of the dashboard production process, using suitable methods and dedicated software tools. In this context we will present our CI Dashboards with a particular focus on the representational tools available for qualitative intelligence information.
I will present real operational visual CI Dashboards from projects we have implemented.”

European Competitive Intelligence Summit 08 - October 20 - 22, 2008 - Crowne Plaza, Rome Italy

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