Market Intelligence - Jun 24, 2022

Digimind is launching : a program giving preferential access to its social media listening tools to charities and schools   Paris, June 24, 2022 - Since the beginning of the pandemic, Digimind has helped many NGOs to monitor, analyse...
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social - May 20, 2022

Hidden Disabilities: How Digimind raises awareness amongst employees

Hidden Disabilities: How Digimind raises awareness amongst employees.  The purpose of this interview is to start a conversation within Digimind to raise awareness. As they are not obvious, invisible disabilities can be...
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News - Apr 19, 2022

3 eco-friendly good practices easy to adopt in order to preserve our planet

    This article will be simple and aims at sharing some eco-friendly good practices that we put in place at Digimind thanks to our CSR advocates team!
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News - Mar 21, 2022

Meet Digimind CSR Advocates

Today, a socially responsible company is interested in its internal environment as well as its external environment (ecology, employment, sustainable world, fair trade, etc.) And, nowadays, no one can ignore the importance of ...
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