Sabine Dorgan - Mar 21, 2022

Meet Digimind CSR Advocates

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Today, a socially responsible company is interested in its internal environment as well as its external environment (ecology, employment, sustainable world, fair trade, etc.)

And, nowadays, no one can ignore the importance of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR), that is to say for a firm to contribute voluntarily to the improvement of society and the protection of the environment.

Digimind commits to concrete actions with a dedicated CSR team

Digimind called for applications for each of its sites, worldwide, to have a CSR representative who will contribute to improving the knowledge and awareness of the "Digiminders" on the various CSR topics. This call was very much appreciated and was a great success. Today, 8 passionate and committed people are, in addition to their usual missions, 'CSR Advocates' for 2022 within Digimind.

This team meets every month to discuss the topics they want to advance during the year and propose concrete actions to be carried out with all the employees of the different offices in Paris, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Rabat, or New York.


A lot of ideas (recyclables...)

Our ambassadors have already defined a list of awareness activities for the teams.

Through their sharing of experience and knowledge, our CSR ambassadors make concrete and visible all that is undertaken in the different Digimind sites. They also raise awareness on more specific topics by bringing their personal expertise as the following "Digiminders" testify



Faizal in Singapore

"I am a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion (D&I), as the team in APAC is very diverse in terms of racial and religious backgrounds. So, as a member of the CSR project, I will focus on D&I - to provide the perspective of diversity and inclusion."


Oceane in Paris (France)

"I would like to explain that in our sector of activity (digital), our professions and our daily life we consume a lot of data, energy, etc and I would like to list some good practices that can be easily implemented at our level to raise consciousness."


Tony in New-York (USA)

"I wanted to try and help make a difference."


Mohamed in Rabat (Morocco)

"I love associative work and this was an opportunity to share this passion with my colleagues and work on a new project that includes colleagues from different departments. It is also an opportunity to strengthen the communication within Digimind and to highlight the events and news of the company. "


Carla in Paris (France)

"I'm very interested about the environment and climate change and I felt it could be nice to be part of this project to improve Digimind actions to be part of a sustainable world.

As a company we can do more than individually and maybe the CSR will have the opportunity to push some actions and go further."


Victor in Mexico DF (Mexico)

"I think it's important that the company is doing social responsibility and that we, as employees, have the opportunity to participate."



Kevin in Paris (France)

"I wanted to participate because CSR issues are relevant and I think it is the role of the company's employees to participate in following and communicating about the initiative taken by the company. Also, it’s a nice opportunity to work and collaborate on a transversal project involving people from all offices worldwide." 


Frédérique in Paris (France)

As a representative of the HR function, diversity and all CSR issues are at the heart of my concerns. I wanted to lead this initiative to allow teamwork and a real involvement of the Digiminders.


Thanks to all the team for this great initiative and don't miss our next news on our CSR projects!


Written by Sabine Dorgan

Sabine Dorgan is CMO at Digimind and has a long experience in managing marketing & communication services for tech-driven companies. She loves reading good books, cooking with her two kids and writing blog posts about Digimind's initiatives.