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News - Dec 13, 2017

Introducing Digimind Social’s Estimated Reach: Better Predict the Impact of Your Online Mentions

Digimind is excited to launch a new metric available now in our social media listening and analytics tool, Digimind Social: Estimated Reach. The proprietary calculation predicts and evaluates the true impact of your online...
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News - Dec 5, 2017

Digimind Launches Social Wall, the Most Powerful Data Visualization Tool to Share Consumer Voice Across the Business

Designed to communicate key metrics and insights to multiple stakeholders across the business, Digimind’s Social Wall gives real-time visualizations of core social listening and analytics data
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News - Sep 13, 2016

September 2016: WeChat added as a source, Top Links, and Comment Analysis

To maintain our objective of continuously improving our software's features, this month we're bringing you three exciting new developments on Digimind Social: WeChat as a new data source, "Top Links" viral tracking, and Facebook...
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News - Aug 12, 2016

August 2016: Glassdoor and Yelp! added as sources, plus Automated Scheduled Reporting

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News - Jul 18, 2016

July 2016: Exporting Digimind Social Analytics into an Excel format made available

To keep to our objective of continuously improving our software features, this month we bring you yet more of the latest developments on Digimind Social.
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News - Jul 18, 2016

July 2016: Bringing yet more new functionalities to Digimind Intelligence

Each month our teams work endlessly to bring you new features that make your job just that little bit easier. This month, we are thrilled to introduce several exciting features:
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News - Jun 6, 2016

June 2016 Digimind Intelligence Easy Set Up – Managing your tags has just become even easier

You may have noticed that since the arrival of Easy Set Up in May, Digimind Intelligence has been making life a little easier: saving you valuable time, thanks to automated tag lists when adding a source to a query.
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