AccountsAdmin - Aug 12, 2016

August 2016: Glassdoor and Yelp! added as sources, plus Automated Scheduled Reporting

At Digimind we are continuously improving and updating our products. This month our social media listening platform Digimind Social had three updates. 

What’s new? We've added new data sources, the ability to schedule & automate reports, and the ability for companies to download samples from our social media data collection.

New data sources: Glassdoor and Yelp!

By adding Glassdoor and Yelp! as data sources, we empower our clients to have a deeper understanding of their consumers. This new data  translates into more precise insights and clearer decisions for our clients.

Yelp! will give you the ability to measure the customer satisfaction of you and your competitors' customers. Include this new source in your social listening strategy to amplify its scope and depth.

Improve your human resource intelligence with social data from Glassdoor. This site is a platform for rating corporations in a variety of ways, from average salary for positions to the corporate culture.

Automated Report Scheduling

Save your time with our new automated report scheduling, which delivers information instantly to the right users at a scheduled time. Admins and editors can set up automatic export and delivery of a report by email to keep specific individuals and teams updated on a regular basis.

Export Samples of Mentions

Curious to see what kind of data is available at Digimind? Now you can find out for free by exporting random samples of social media mentions from the Digimind platform. Give it a try!


Written by AccountsAdmin