AccountsAdmin - Jul 18, 2016

July 2016: Exporting Digimind Social Analytics into an Excel format made available

To keep to our objective of continuously improving our software features, this month we bring you yet more of the latest developments on Digimind Social.

Export Digimind Social Analytics publications in Excel format

Our performance measurement module, Digimind Social Analytics, currently only allows two kinds of export under 'Top Publications', either through images or directly onto the Dashboard. We've got news. Now, you can export mentions and their associated data in Excel format.

These Excel documents will contain all the important data you need, including:
- Social account name
- Media type
- Publication/posting date
- Post content
- Link to post
- Interaction rate
- Interaction details (number of Retweets, Likes ...)
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Little developments make way for big changes

You'll also be able to enjoy:
- A new login page
- 70% quicker loading on your graphs
- Improvements to the Deep Compare Module
- Ability to add tags when you select a new sourceDigimind-social-helpDigimind-Social-demo

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