AccountsAdmin - Jun 6, 2016

June 2016 Digimind Intelligence Easy Set Up – Managing your tags has just become even easier

You may have noticed that since the arrival of Easy Set Up in May, Digimind Intelligence has been making life a little easier: saving you valuable time, thanks to automated tag lists when adding a source to a query.

However, we know that you prefer to work flexibly. That's why with this June release, you'll be able to manually deactivate and edit your automated tags too.

This update may seem small, but it makes managing your active tags much easier. This allows you to deactivate automatically generated tags that may be either redundant or unwanted.

Redundant tags

When you set-up your monitoring for a project, you may need to use the same Source per Query in several monitorings, each joined to a different filter. The table below shows how lists using the same source per query can  be filtered in various ways:

- source per query : Company names -  filtered by; HR and employment questions

- source per query : Company names -  filtered by;  Financial results

- source per query : Company names -  filtered by; launches and products

Unwanted tags

This applies if you decide to use a source for themed queries, but you already have all the necessary tags for the organization and publishing your data. Or, when words chosen for a query's source will not be used as a tag.


Written by AccountsAdmin