AccountsAdmin - Sep 13, 2016

September 2016: WeChat added as a source, Top Links, and Comment Analysis

To maintain our objective of continuously improving our software's features, this month we're bringing you three exciting new developments on Digimind Social: WeChat as a new data source, "Top Links" viral tracking, and Facebook comment analysis.

WeChat Integration: Tap into China's most popular messaging app

With 806 million monthly active users on WeChat, many brands understand the importance of communicating and interacting with their audience on this massive platform. Digimind gives you the capability of monitoring public conversations on WeChat, which is key part in having a comprehensive overview of companies' digital reputation in Asia.

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"Top Links": Identify How Your Top Shared Stories Go Viral

Digimind introduces "Top Links" a new type of analysis that allows you to see the top URL links (news publications, posts or articles mentioning your brand) that have been the most shared on Twitter and Facebook. It lets you identify which online magazines, news sites or blogs have the most impact on your online reputation and which influencers link the most content related to your brand.

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Access to Facebook Comments: Analyze Fan Reactions to Your Facebook Campaigns

Digimind Social Analytics, our social media performance measurement module, already gives you the Facebook engagement metrics you need to gauge success of your social media efforts. However, our Top Publications view now allows you to read the comments of your top performing Facebook posts, taking you a step further in your behavior analysis of your audience.

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