Emma Nauleau-Laplanche - Oct 14, 2022

Job opportunities: Join us to be a Digiminder!

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Join our international Digimind Family with Digimind’s job opportunities, in one of our 8 offices, with colleagues from around the world! Join for work, and keep friends for life! 

At Digimind, a global leader in social listening and competitive intelligence SaaS Software, we help our 700+ clients understand the world as it is, including the world's top brands and agencies, such as Nestle, Ford, Lenovo, Ogilvy, and P&G to name a few. 


To achieve this, we offer job opportunities to top talents to collaborate with us and assist in reshaping the informational landscape. ​​For Digimind, digital innovation and change are about advancing and enhancing human capabilities. We support training, on-the-job learning, coaching, and upskilling from day one since we think talent development is continually required in this area, which is changing fast.


Newly hired employees first receive training as part of their onboarding process but there is also constant training to stay ahead of the game in the digital sector, this provides an opportunity to improve their knowledge and competencies. Additionally, updates and annual training courses on the values and policies of Digimind provide opportunities to reinforce diversity.


We are offering job opportunities as permanent and fixed-term contract, as an equal-opportunity employer as we value diversity and are attached to shaping an inclusive environment for all employees, in our offices around the world like NYC, Paris, Singapore, Rabat, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Grenoble, and Amsterdam and  different domains such as Sales, Marketing, Services, Research and Development, HR, and administration.


Digimind’s strong values—entrepreneur, benevolent, and go-getter—are an essential part of the company culture. Not only that, we work hard, play hard and give back, fo example we have team-building events, a CSR advocate program, and a strong CSR commitment. We are offering a great work/life balance with 3 days of remote work and great premises in the city center for the days on-site. Additionally, we have a start-up spirit and you can always have the possibility of internal mobility, either transverse or geographical. 



Alina Taher - Product Marketing Manager at Digimind
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Coming from a multicultural background (an American with Lebanese and Indian background), working in a global, diverse, company was important to me. That being said, working in France was a new experience for me at the time, and working in a new city is never easy. I’m so fortunate to say that I’ve had great guidance in the company and made many supportive friends, with whom I hang out on the weekend, take trips, celebrate holidays, and more!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, one of the main aspects I love about Digimind is the people. They’ve made every transition easy for me, for which I’m very thankful. 


Nawfal Khalil - Account Manager, part of the AM EMEA team 

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What first struck me when joining Digimind, is the sense of community and support, all within a very diverse team. I was thrilled to learn and work alongside such committed and hardworking colleagues, who don’t shy away from thinking outside the box and exchanging ideas to master their expertise and offer their clients the best service and tools. It is the positive workplace culture we all share in all departments and in Digimind as a whole, from top management to all services, that makes us willing and always capable of growth.


Nisha Murali - Senior Account Executive in Digimind  

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I first heard of Digimind while scrolling LinkedIn, the first picture being the legendary Marrakech kick-off (literally all I’ve heard about for all my years here), and thinking - wow, it looks like a dynamic company! 

What I absolutely love about Digimind is the people that make up this organization. I truly believe that everyone here possesses a shared Digimind DNA - Grit, benevolence, and divergent thinking are the common thread that binds us all together.
Digimind’s structure also includes a high level of communication and collaboration across top management to the rest of the teams. This means employees are more empowered, with more autonomy to take on responsibilities, providing diverse opportunities to grow their careers and skill sets.



Are you looking for a job? Consult our list of proposals on the careers page. We are always looking for new talent!


Learn more about what it is like to be a Digiminder with Alina Taher, Nawfal Khalil, and Nisha Murali


Written by Emma Nauleau-Laplanche

My name is Emma Nauleau-Laplanche, I am an intern of CSR practices at Digimind. I aspire to keep working and progress in the CSR and sustainability sectors. What inspired me to work in this field was when I was in in South America with The Traveling School, a school based on experimental learning, which made me thing about my impact on the world. Since then, I have enjoyed seeing new things and did a bachelor in environmental sciences in Singapore and a Master in Sustainability Management in Politecnico di Milano.