Emma Nauleau-Laplanche - Oct 7, 2022

Digimind Career path Interview: Nisha Murali

Nisha Murali interview (Blogpost Cover)

Digimind, a global leader in social listening and competitive intelligence, offers different programs and opportunities to Digiminders to follow their interest through their Digimind career path and continuous improvement of their skill set. A career path based on one’s interest inherently allows the employee to grow, expand, and pursue changing interests in a supportive and encouraging environment. Celebrating individual interests and backgrounds to improve teamwork, creating a more inclusive and cohesive team. 

This interview with Nisha Murali shows her career path within Digimind and her different interests throughout her roles. 



What is your current position and what are your responsibilities?
I am a Senior Account Executive at Digimind. My role as an account executive is to identify potential clients and partners in new markets, growing Digimind’s overall new business and global presence. My personal goal is to establish long-term relationships with my clients to build trust and maintain high levels of client satisfaction.


Can you tell us about your background at Digimind?
My journey started in 2017- fresh off the boat leaving the conferencing events industry and taking the leap into the world of SaaS and tech (enter, Digimind!)

I started off as a BDR in our Singapore office, in charge of booking meetings for our APAC business, and later progressed to joining our Paris office as an account executive.

I have a scratch map for all the countries I have piloted our first clients in haha! :) 


What was your first impression of Digimind? What about Digiminders?
I first heard of Digimind while scrolling LinkedIn, the first picture being the legendary Marrakech kick-off (literally all I’ve heard about for all my years here), and thinking - wow, it looks like a dynamic company! 

What I absolutely love about Digimind is the people that make up this organization. I truly believe that everyone here possesses a shared Digimind DNA - Grit, benevolence, and divergent thinking are the common thread that binds us all together.
Digimind’s structure also includes a high level of communication and collaboration across top management to the rest of the teams. This means employees are more empowered, with more autonomy to take on responsibilities, providing diverse opportunities to grow their careers and skill sets.


How are Digimind's values ​​(go-getter, benevolent, and entrepreneur) important to you?

Digimind’s values resonate with who I am as I believe that in order to succeed in Digimind, all of these traits need to be represented. 


Why do you recommend working at Digimind?
I would absolutely recommend working at Digimind with my eyes closed.
If you are someone that thrives in an agile environment, who likes to think out of the box AND on your feet- Digimind is the place for you!

I cannot be happier with my journey here.


About Digimind

Digimind is the global leader in AI-Powered social listening platforms and market intelligence software, designed for brands and agencies who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven approach. Digimind’s best-in-class technology transforms social and online data into actionable business insights, enabling marketers to plan, execute, and analyze their marketing strategy effectively. With offices in New York, Paris, Singapore, Grenoble, Rabat, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Madrid, and Amsterdam, Digimind is part of Onclusive, a global partner for public relations and Communications success. 


Additionally, as part of its CSR strategy, Digimind gives privileged access to its social media monitoring tools to schools and nonprofit organisations. This program, digimind.org, is implemented to extend this initiative to a larger number of NGOs and open it to secondary education. 



Are you looking for a job? Consult our list of proposals on the careers page. We are always looking for new talent!


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Written by Emma Nauleau-Laplanche

My name is Emma Nauleau-Laplanche, I am an intern of CSR practices at Digimind. I aspire to keep working and progress in the CSR and sustainability sectors. What inspired me to work in this field was when I was in in South America with The Traveling School, a school based on experimental learning, which made me thing about my impact on the world. Since then, I have enjoyed seeing new things and did a bachelor in environmental sciences in Singapore and a Master in Sustainability Management in Politecnico di Milano.