Sophia Guan

With a background in marketing and psychology, Sophia loves to analyze and understand consumer behaviour through observations and data. After hours you’ll find her practicing yoga or baking sourdough.
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News Release - Apr 1, 2020

Meet & Engage with These 5 Key eSports & Gaming Personas on Social Media

Australian gamers are the most vocal on social media, while Malaysians are most hyped about tournaments and product releases. ASUS, Razer and Corsair had the most user-generated content for PC & Laptop gaming hardware in Asia...
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News Release - Jan 6, 2020

CES 2020 Digital Health: What to Expect from 2019’s Most Impactful Health Tech Trends

From blockchain to mixed realities, which digital health trends have dominated in 2019, and what can the healthcare industry expect in the coming year? Digimind looked into discussions about digital health online to find out.
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News Release - Nov 30, 2018

93% of Consumer Engagement with Luxury Brands Happens on Instagram

Branded content on Instagram consistently earned the most engagement across social media. Marketers must be mindful in navigating a world of increasingly vocal, socially conscious consumers while safeguarding their brand against...
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