Emma Nauleau-Laplanche - Sep 26, 2022

Diversity lunch

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Digimind, a global leader in social listening and competitive intelligence, hosted in its Paris office an international lunch to honor diversity, a Diversity lunch! Vietnamese, German, Singaporean, Belgian, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian, La Réunion, Spanish, American, Austrian, and French cuisines were served as part of a celebration of cultural diversity. It was a wonderful and delicious experience, we are proud of our diversity.


On the 20th of September, the Digimind Paris office took part in a diversity initiative, a Diversity lunch. This initiative is to celebrate cultural diversity in the workplace as Digimind has a lot of employees from all over the world. It is an opportunity for everyone to come together after the summer holidays and share a nice moment. Additionally, with this activity all employees got to learn more about their colleagues! Everyone brought a dish from their country or region to be shared with the office and featured a general atmosphere of interest and curiosity for other cultures.


Additionally, Digimind took this opportunity to communicate about food waste and its contribution to climate change. Indeed, food waste is responsible for 3.3 billion tons of C02 emissions annually as  ⅓ of all food produced is wasted. In order to mitigate this negative impact, the communicated infographic had facts about food waste, no waste cooking recipes, and how to eat seasonally.


Diversity at Digimind 

“Here at Digimind, we are all Entrepreneurs, Benevolent, and Go-Getters. Our common values shape our work ethics, and our diversity drives us towards a common goal. Digimind pledges to be an equal opportunity organisation. We value diversity and are committed to shaping an inclusive environment for all employees.”

  • Faizal Kamal 


“We give value to every Digiminder, no matter our differences.”

  • Frédérique Clappier, VP People and Diversity


Digimind is committed to diversity and inclusion amongst its employees, clients, and stakeholders. Those CSR efforts allow Digimind to engage with the world in a positive way and help foster a more positive and productive work environment. Indeed diversity enhances creativity, it promotes the pursuit of new knowledge and viewpoints, which results in improved decision-making, problem-solving, unrestricted discoveries, and game-changing breakthroughs.


Other initiatives 

Digimind is part of the Diversity Charter, a french program that created a commitment text that can be signed by organizations that wish to act in favor of diversity and thus goes beyond the legal and judicial framework of the fight against discrimination. Today, the Diversity Charter brings together more than 3,800 organizations: companies, associations, players in the social economy, public institutions, and local authorities.

The signing of the Diversity Charter embodies Digimind’s commitment. Based on six articles, the Charter guides Digimind to implement concrete actions and progress through innovative practices. 


About Digimind

Digimind is the global leader in AI-Powered social listening platforms and market intelligence software, designed for brands and agencies who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven approach. Digimind’s best-in-class technology transforms social and online data into actionable business insights, enabling marketers to effectively plan, execute, and analyse their marketing strategy. With offices in New York, Paris, Singapore, Grenoble, Rabat, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Madrid and Amsterdam, Digimind is part of Onclusive, a global partner for public relations and Communications success.

Additionally, as part of its CSR strategy, Digimind gives privileged access to its social media monitoring tools to schools and nonprofit organisations. This program, digimind.org, is implemented in order to extend this initiative to a larger number of NGOs and to open it to secondary education.


Written by Emma Nauleau-Laplanche

My name is Emma Nauleau-Laplanche, I am an intern of CSR practices at Digimind. I aspire to keep working and progress in the CSR and sustainability sectors. What inspired me to work in this field was when I was in in South America with The Traveling School, a school based on experimental learning, which made me thing about my impact on the world. Since then, I have enjoyed seeing new things and did a bachelor in environmental sciences in Singapore and a Master in Sustainability Management in Politecnico di Milano.