• Market Intelligence

    Market intelligence is a business discipline aimed at supporting strategic decision-making through the provision of timely, accurate information and analysis about the external market environment.

    Market Intelligence is primarily concerned with identifying and evaluating opportunities and risks posed by external forces, allowing organisations to conduct pre-emptive action.

    Market intelligence typically involves collation of data from various sources such as company accounts, official statistics, data from trade bodies, social media and web news. Market Intelligence aims at creating knowledge and foreknowledge of all aspects of a market thorough research and analysis. The analyzed data will lead to a new understanding of the current and future situation and will convert into informed action or decision-making.

        • Digimind helps organizations to enhance their market intelligence activities by enabling them to automatically gather and analyze information from unlimited web sources.
        • Digimind facilitates the monitoring of trends in new and existing markets, as well as anticipating potential risks or opportunities.
        • Digimind’s web-based platform is the only integrated solution that automates all repetitive market intelligence activities from data collection to information management, analysis and sharing.

    Terms related to marketing and market intelligence : Market Analysis, Market Data Analytics, Competitive Intelligence

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