• October 2016- Digimind Intelligence: alert grouping, easy project sharing and visual listening

    Every month, our R&D team works hard with the goal of bringing new features to our products, making the job of their users easier. In October, discover in Digimind Intelligence:

    1. Easy projects sharing

    This update will make you gain time. When sharing your project with other users, you can easily search for user groups directly within the search bar. This way you can be sure to not forget a relevant individual when sharing.

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    1. Group your similar alerts

    This feature optimizes the reading interface thanks to similar alert grouping. Pieces of information being 80% or even more similar will be group together. That will give you an idea of most shared news.

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    1. Visual listening

    Do you know that 85% of online images don’t incorporate a brand mention in their text? Visual listening will allow you to identify those pictures where your logo is present, even if the name of your brand does not appear in the text. You can thus discover Twitter’s hidden conversations, habits and emotions that an image linked to your brand evokes. This feature will allow you to:

    • Develop your visual identity
    • Exploit the user generated content
    • Further measure the ROI of your partnerships and sponsorships
    • Understand consumer habits
    • Protect your brand image

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