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Smart Social Media Monitoring softwareto Listen, Engage, Analyse, and Report

Next generation social media monitoring for winning digital marketing campaigns See a live demo

Listen to what people are saying about your brand

See what matters most, in real-time

See the conversations that matter most, in real-time, across millions of online sources, in order to gain valuable insights to drive and improve your marketing strategy.

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Analyze and benchmark your marketing campaigns, brands and competitors

Measure the performance of your own content

Analyze and benchmark an unlimited number of social accounts simultaneously with Digimind Social Analytics.

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Engage with your communities

Digimind Social lets you manage and act on social intelligence data with the integration of Digimind streams into the Hootsuite dashboard. Install the Digimind App for Hootsuite >>

Understand your online reputation

Discover your true online reputation

Go beyond social networks to see your brand image based on Google search behavior. Through our proprietary Top Reputation module, follow in real-time what your customers want to know about your brands, products, people, and those of your competitors, or any subjects that interest you.

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Create dazzling reports in seconds

Create dazzling reports in seconds

In a few simple clicks, Digimind Social lets you generate reports in a variety of pre-designed templates or in your own customized version.

All Features

  • Monitor

    • Unlimited social media & web coverage
    • Custom sources
    • Real-time updates
    • Geolocalization
    • Automatic sentiment
    • Personalized tags
    • Re-tagging
    • Automatic translation
    • Clustering
    • Sort by Date / Relevance
    • Mentions marked when read
  • Analyze

    • Real-time analysis
    • Interactive graphs
    • Multi-filter analysis
    • Multi-level analysis
    • Benchmarking
    • Automatic country detection
    • Automatic translation
    • Automatic sentiment
    • Top influencers
    • Influencer comparison by media type
    • Trending topics
  • Engage

    • Personalized dashboard
    • Seamless engagement
    • Direct sharing via social media and email
    • Instant publication
    • Real-time engagement
    • Smart email alerts
  • Report

    • Daily/weekly/monthly reports
    • Presentation-ready reports
    • Automatic report generation
    • Custom templates
    • Personalized dashboard
    • Multiple formats: pdf, ppt, xls, jpg
    • Instant export
  • ROI Measurement

    • Reach measurement
    • Social statistics
  • Top Reputation

    • Online reputation management
    • Top search concepts
    • Top search results
    • Top domains

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