Digimind Intelligence

Empower Competitive Intelligence
In A Digital World

Digimind Intelligence is a Web and Mobile friendly application that allows you to monitor changes in your business environment.

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Digimind in Action

Digimind is used by private, public, and non-profit sectors to enlighten strategic decisions.

  • Sales



    Find more leads, stay up to date on key accounts and improve customer relations

  • Security

    Detect and Eliminate Threats


    Monitor illegal websites and political instabilities, as well as track data leaks and cyber attacks

  • Logistic

    Secure the
    Supply Chain


    Monitor all components including suppliers, country security, local regulation changes, and social responsibility

  • R&D



    Provide scientists access to multiple data sources, with advanced visualizations and alerting capabilities

  • Marketing

    Outplay the competition


    Keep an eye on your competitors by monitoring product launches, partnerships, events, and marketing campaigns

  • Legal

    Anticipate Regulation Changes


    Monitor the position of major political leaders, lobbies, activists, NGO, and all forces who may influence regulation changes

Simple, yet Powerful

The world’s first Competitive Intelligence Software, with a user friendly interface adapted from the shareability of social media to enhance interaction and collaboration within your organization.

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State of the Art Sourcing
State of the Art Sourcing

Collect information in multiple languages through a myriad of sources, such as webpages and websites, databases, RSS feeds, forums, social media, etc.

Advance Monitoring
Advanced Monitoring

Get access to the most advanced suite of extraction tools, intelligence crawlers, password-protected sources and the invisible web.

Text Mining
Text Mining

Benefit from the most advanced Natural Language Processing Technology and semantic analysis engines for automatic categorization.

Real time analysis
Real-time Analysis

Gain access to real time analysis of historical data with 14 exclusive analysis engines.

Collaborative and social
Collaborative & Social

Manage global projects for teams of all sizes with rights management, social mechanisms and collaborative features.


Newsletters, printed reports, alerts, watchlists, websites… whatever you need, we’ve got you covered, both on desktop and on mobile.

Excellent tool covering the entire Intelligence Cycle. Digimind offers the opportunity to automatically search an enormous amount of sources and validate the right articles.

Klaas-Jan Knol - Sales Excellence Specialist, Schneider Electric


Identify Future Business Models

Anticipate upcoming trends in your industry by monitoring which startups are raising money.


Anticipate Threats

Digimind Intelligence helps the world’s biggest financial institutions keep billions of transactions secure by monitoring techniques of cyber attacks and data leaks

Market Research

Monitor Competitors

Keep track of competitors’ activities all over the world, from opening of plants and production capacities to key partnerships.


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