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KM World highlights the role of Digimind for web-based Competitive Intelligence

The November/December 2010 edition of KM World includes a highlight about competitive intelligence tools: Indeed, the continual increase of Internet data can now positively contribute to a corporation’s monitoring of its competitive environment through integration with Knowledge Management systems.

Digimind is proud of being featured in that trend.

Read more about Digimind business case from Tekelec and from Martha Matteo.

Profitable since its inception, the 50% annual growth rate multi-awarded Digimind Company markets competitive intelligence solutions to face the challenge of exploiting the explosion of digital information. The web-based Digimind platform is the only integrated solution that automates all repetitive intelligence activities from data collection to information management, analysis and sharing.
With over 200 customers and a global presence through its sites in Paris, Grenoble, Rabat and Boston Digimind offers a solution for all business functions of the company and is an efficient tool for strategic decision.

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