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Newsletter October 2010

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This edition of the Digimind Newsletter introduces the “Watchlist” component. Besides it includes recent news about the Digimind company as well as hints and tricks that may useful in early intelligence project stages (web-source discovery)..

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New feature: Digimind “Watchlist”
How to discover the most active web sources dealing with my intelligence topics?
News & Agenda:
•         Case Study: the BNP-Paribas Assurance story
•         Feedback on the Digimind participation to Pharma-CI conference
•         Hypercube-Digimind Conference in Montréal

Digimind « Watchlist » How to reduce the disconnect that exists between intelligence teams and their internal customers?Quite often a disconnect appears between intelligence practitioners and their internal clients: Indeed intelligence managers may complain about the little feedback they receive about their reports (newsletters, alerts, analyses) whereas competitive intelligence beneficiaries including business developers, marketing managers, sales managers, strategists may complain the information they receive do not necessarily match their current needs.
As a consequence, employees still spend extra-time on the Internet searching for information (up to 12 hours a week) while the intelligence team fights to understand better the needs. Over time, a gap widens between intelligence and non-intelligence groups.

The Digimind « Watchlist » product aims at reducing this gap and supports the following process:
1. Intelligence professionals can define relevant channels of information based on company intelligence directives. A channel is defined as a qualified alert thread dealing with an arbitrary intelligence topic (set by the intelligence team).
2. Intelligence consumers can subscribe at any time to the channels they are entitled to “watch”. A collection of subscribed channels constitutes a watchlist for a particular user.
3. Intelligence consumers then receive qualified alerts on a daily basis and can adapt (subscribe/unsubscribe) their Watchlist should their intelligence needs change
4. At any time, Watchlist recipients can comments, share articles of interest
5.  In the mean time, Intelligence professionals monitor which channels are mostly read, which ones have less success, and thus can refine or add channels of information based on subscribers’ feedbacks

The Digimind Watchlist manages an automated feedback loop between intelligence professionals and their internal clients improving communications and collaborative intelligence.

How to discover most active web sources dealing with your intelligence topics?

It is quite frequent ones wonders which web sources are the most active on a given topic: the goal being to eliminate it from a monitoring strategy or instead to focus more on its content. This feature is typically used to answer questions like: Which are the 20 top bloggers/influencers in my field? Which are the most active consumer web-sites dealing with my products? …

This feature is now available in the current Digimind release (D.8) and allows users to automatically ranking web-sources by their proficiency. When creating a bar chart, just select the entity list called “sources (find out)” to activate this feature and discover which sources are mostly talkative about a given topic (see example below).
The picture above illustrates how Digimind “source discovery” chart helps intelligence practitioners identifying most active web sources: In that case, the topic is BP in Louisiana (May 2010).

News & Agenda

•         Feedback on Digimind participation to Pharma-CI

With 25% more attendees, the 2010 Pharma-CI edition confirms the growing interest in best competitive intelligence practices and tools in the pharmaceutical industry. Among many topics, a strong driver supported many discussions: A new era for R&D practices? Which model to innovate, to discover new drugs? Beyond that topic, biosimilars, generic, M&A discussions got a good traction too.

The Digimind seminar registered 60 attendees indicating a stronger interest from CI practitioners for software-based intelligence solution. Indeed, with the continuous increase of information available on the Internet, it becomes not only important to gather information quickly but more importantly to analyze it at a fast pace.

Digimind presented an innovative and its most recent solution to gather both internal and web information into dynamic and sharable templates. From using web-based sheets, intelligence practitioners can always access most recent competitor, product information presented in structured manner.

The highly successful “Top-pharma sources on the Web” is available for download at or upon request to
•         Hypercube-Digimind Conference in Montréal

Hypercube hosted the conference “the latest trends in competitive intelligence and the Digimind offer” at the Crystal Hotel on October 8th. The conference got important success and gathered the Montréal French-speaking intelligence community for a two hours discussion.

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