admin - Feb 10, 2017

Digimind Intelligence: Simply More Powerful than Ever

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We won’t promise a “Cinderella-like" experience with Digimind Intelligence, but if you wish to get the tool you have always dreamed of, it’s quite simple: help us improve our solution by providing us with your suggestions and ideas through the Suggestion Box.

You probably already know about this community and you may have previous experiences that make you feel like we will never take your ideas seriously. That was the past. More than ever, ideas and feedback from the suggestion box will be at the core of our product development strategy.

Whether you submit an idea or  just vote for a topic, each month, the Digimind team will keep you updated on the status and progress of the topics you follow.

Cherry on the cake, because Digimind values your feedback, every quarter, the most popular suggestions (based on # of votes) submitted, will be reviewed by Digimind Intelligence Product Manager, and will be included in current as well as future versions of our solution.

So, do not hesitate anymore, and put yourself in the driver’s seat with the Digimind Intelligence Product Roadmap!


Ready to Prepare for Upcoming Digimind Intelligence D.12?

In the fall of 2015, we were proud to announce Digimind Intelligence 12, now it’s time to ensure you are ready to our next major upgrade scheduled for April 2017.

Currently up & running since early 2016, and used by almost all of our customers, this product upgrade offers technical redesign for richer user experience and extends its capabilities and performance even further.

Indeed, this one year transition year has allowed us to collect all your feedback and turn your inputs into innovation.

To have a seamless upgrading experience, very soon you will receive your invitation to join our next informative webinar, where we will reveal our game-changing product -including a live demonstration-.
Of course, in the meantime, we are always committed to help you achieve more with Digimind Intelligence D12 and we remain laser focused on supporting your upgrade process.  


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