admin - Jun 23, 2017

Digimind Celebrates Unprecedented Growth with Kick-Off in Marrakech

2016 was a year of extreme growth and exciting success for Digimind. The company drove unprecedented year over year growth, and partnered with new clients including LinkedIn, Chanel, FedEx, Sony Electronics, and Carrefour Group.


To celebrate the successful year, and kick off an even more exciting 2017 fiscal year, 120 employees from offices in New York City, Singapore, Paris, Grenoble, and Rabat traveled to Marrakech for a four day event at the end of April. The themes of the week were team-building, innovation, and client success.


Team members from across the globe came together to meet face to face at this first-ever global all company meeting. Many people knew each other well from countless conversations via Skype, Slack, email and text, but this was the first opportunity to exchange hugs, share meals, and participate in activities such as team sports and ziplining together.


The week also featured presentations from senior leadership to outline goals and priorities for the upcoming year, as well as brainstorming sessions to drive new ideas for how to build an even more innovative, agile, and valuable tool for our customers.


The key takeaway from this unforgettable event was clear: as a company, we want to celebrate our successes, but most of all we are determined to bring best-in-class social media monitoring and consumer intelligence tools to clients across the globe.

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