Jared Silitonga - Nov 17, 2022

Winning Customers Triumphantly in Digital Marketing Asia 2022

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Digimind is proud to be partnering with Marketing Interactive, Asia's leading media outlet for advertising, marketing, and media news at the 2022 edition of Digital Marketing Asia, from the 15th to 17th of November.



Digital Marketing Asia, or DMA for short, is a premier tradeshow that aims to gather APAC's digital marketing community for three days of connectivity and brand discovery. In celebration of DMA's 10th successive year, digital transformation will be a longstanding theme for marketers looking to propel amid uncertainties. Some of the top regional and global brands and agencies will be at DMA to present true business successes and thought leadership signaling this movement.


Deepening the customer experience has been a rising goal that brands are starting to prioritize. With that aim, social listening is a key component that will help bridge gaps in the consumer-brand relationship.


Digimind, the world's leading player in AI-powered Social Listening, will be at DMA 2022 to offer cutting-edge Martech solutions to 1000+ marketers who want to understand more about their online and social environment.


Olivier Girard, Head of APAC at Digimind, will share his take at a panel discussion on using new loyalty indicators and drivers to optimize the customer experience. Monitoring social data, in this regard, will be leveraged quantitatively and qualitatively to deliver incisive information about your strategies and brand.


Having a clear, complete picture of your customer journey has never been paramount in this modern, customer-centric world. To understand customer motivations, marketers need objective, fact-based insights to outline customer satisfaction and achieve organizational optimization.


If you're in town for Digital Marketing Asia this November, come by and say hello to the awesome Digiminders at our exhibition booth!


Digital Marketing Asia 2022 - Digimind Sponsors


Digital Marketing Asia 2022 - Digimind Sponsors

Written by Jared Silitonga

Jared is a member of the APAC marketing team at Digimind. Besides hashing insights into content, he loves a good ol' sit-down of board gaming and film rhetoric. Catch him diving in other shenanigans on Instagram @jarrds