admin - Feb 20, 2008

On the web, every user is a budding media source

“With the arrival of Web 2.0 and the proliferation of influential information sources (blogs, social networks, wikis, forums etc), companies have never had so much data available to them. But they are struggling to extract from this mass the most relevant and precise elements that may affect their strategic decision-making, and are finding it particularly difficult to manage their image on the Internet, where every individual has the power to wield media influence.
In today's environment, companies and institutions need to be aware of, and manage, their e-Reputation, not only to control inherent risks but also to exploit the positive opportunities presented by this fantastic sounding box."

How does Digimind's competitive intelligence solution work?
“Having implemented more than 150 intelligence projects in large international corporations and invested numerous manyears in R&D, we offer companies the most comprehensive, flexible and powerful solution on the market to implement and deploy intelligence systems involving a user-base of dozens up to several thousands. Our cutting-edge technologies for surveillance, data filtering, extraction, analysis, display and sharing mean that users can spot key information in real time from huge volumes of data, thereby facilitating the decision-making process. Our latest innovation focused on e-reputation enables users to identify the sources of a buzz, determine which are the most influential, monitor how the information spreads and receive alerts in case of a crisis etc.”

About Digimind
Profitable since its inception, the 50% annual growth rate multi-awarded Digimind company markets competitive intelligence solutions to face the challenge of exploiting the explosion of digital information.
The web-based digimind platform is the only integrated solution that automates all repetitive intelligence activities from data collection to information management, analysis and sharing.

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