A Stunning Real-Time Display of your Brand’s Social Pulse.
Digimind Command Center is a riveting showcase of your brand’s comprehensive social intelligence.

Fit for your brand
Your Central Hub with cutting-edge features and stimulating displays

Gorgeous An impressive display that is not only a functional business tool, but also a fun and beautiful visual showcase of your entire brand.
Control Our mobile remote makes it simple and intuitive to navigate around different sets of real-time social and marketing data, all with the tap of a finger.
Customizable Easily make screens shine in your brand’s colors. Add your own backgrounds including HD videos in only three clicks.
Live Interactive and animated data, charts, and conversations create a powerful showcase of your social pulse in real-time.
Flexible Decide what information you want to see according to any date period and change the order by a simple drag and drop.
Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) Create successful social experiences for your brand through mobile devices, wherever and whenever.

Quality in-depth Analysis and Great Visual Interface. It is playing a role in increasing the awareness of social as an important channel for Marketing.

Morgan D. - Manager of Digital Marketing,Toyota Motor Asia Pacific

Make your office shine
by turning your social media content into visual brand
experiences with real-time data displayed at your corporate
headquarters - a great way to impress clients!

Unite your fanbase
around trends and influencers and amplify the conversation
beyond the stadium. Inspire audiences with your brand’s
digital pulse on dynamic video displays.

Tell your story
with Digimind’s Social Media Command Center, making
it easy to capture your brand’s social content at any event
and display it as a beautiful and engaging social display.


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