Webinar REPLAY: The Social Listening Framework to Transform Your Customer Experience

In 2022, social listening is used strategically by top brands to hone in on customer experiences online. Brands now have to catch pace with the increasing digital boom from higher internet and smartphone penetration, ultimately scaling the growth of social commerce in APAC.

The increased visibility results in more conversations about brands taking place digitally than ever before. To gain a competitive edge, businesses must understand how to react and enhance customer communication effectively.

How do you monitor feedback? Where are you listening? What do you measure to prove ROI? Are your current solutions adept at helping you find answers to these questions?




In this 45-minute session, join Digimind Social experts, Olivier Girard, Head of APAC, and Maehek Sachdev, Senior Solutions Consultant, as they present the social listening framework to help brands explore data-driven strategies with their customers in mind.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Key fundamentals on building the social listening framework, including:
    • Establishing strategic objectives
    • Defining the social listening scope
    • Key content and social distribution channels for monitoring
  • Inside look at an official proof of concept (POC) for a global consumer brand to demonstrate the types of marketing and consumer insights to inform strategies on:
    • Brand campaigns
    • Customer service
    • In-store and online experiences
    • and more!