Webinar REPLAY: Scale Your Social Insights Management with Marketing Automation

In 2022, marketing automation is non-negotiable for brands wanting to understand how to smoothen their customer journeys. Social listening tools are now a more recognized solution to help marketers and consumer analysts create personalized experiences aligned with customer expectations, market challenges, and industry requirements.


How can you leverage insights beyond the social media landscape to execute actionable strategies?




Deep dive into the power of marketing automation via Zapier with Digimind Social experts, Olivier Girard, Head of APAC, and Julie Turpin, Customer Success Lead, joined by Thu Pham, Marketing analyst from Lazada, as they present the process of using intelligent workflows to increase reporting efficiency and developing relevant strategies around the brand experience.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Key strategies and implementations around Zapier for automating marketing data workflows, including:
    • Key benefits from market research, to inter-department collaboration
    • Integrating data found on external applications like Facebook Groups, Twitch, and Discord
    • Demo on how Zapier works with the Digimind Social platform
  • Learn best practices from Lazada to enhance your company’s marketing, insights, and customer experience strategies