Webinar REPLAY: Leading Brands are Powered By Social Media Insights

Social media and the Internet are a treasure trove of data for brands wanting to learn more about their digital environment. Given that online data perpetually surround us, only about 0.5% of it is analyzed, much less leveraged by brands.

How would insights power brands? Insights analysis collects, transforms, and informs data from various channels to aid brand growth, compare trends, and receive competitive intelligence.

Sounds feasible to take on? But before any online data becomes useful, you would often require time, resources, and—more critically—expertise that you do not have.

That's when you might want to outsource your brand's social media insights to a dedicated service like Digimind Insights Lab, which offers brands a way to efficiently discover relevant and actionable data about their online landscape to support high-level decisions.




In this 45-minute session, join Digimind Social expert Faizal Kamal, Insights Manager in APAC, as he explores how brands can funnel ideas for innovation, marketing, and campaign optimization.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Key benefits of leveraging social insights include:
    • Transforming workflows
    • Minimizing risks in communication
    • Reducing overheads
    • Improving productivity & performance
  • Key business cases of top brands that used Digimind Insights to inform strategies on:
    • Brand campaigns
    • Customer service
    • Product innovation
    • and more!