Webinar REPLAY: How Can Social Listening Help BFSI Brands Ride the Digital Wave?

In BFSI's dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape, it's essential for businesses to stay abreast of the latest digital trends and developments to remain competitive, but more importantly top of mind with customers.

What's one sure way to be aware of the latest digital trends in your industry? Looking at what industry customers are talking about on social media, as it provides an ideal platform to follow industry-specific conversations and sentiments.

The challenge most marketers face is anticipating the right trend to take on and therefore missing the opportunity to take the step. Be on the crest of the wave by using social media listening to be a first-mover and deliver resonant strategies.





In this 45-minute session, join Digimind Social expert Olivier Girard, Head of Services for Digimind APAC, as he presents how BFSI brands can use social listening to be aware of the latest digital trends and how they should approach it.

Key benefits of trend tracking and innovation include:

  • Adapting to changing market conditions
  • Identify emerging customer needs and preferences
  • Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through innovation
  • Navigating new business opportunities and product categories


A sneak peek of our findings in Digimind’s latest industry report:

  • New consumer perceptions and behaviors in APAC
  • Key trends related to digital transformation that stood out in 2022
  • Next steps for the industry and brands to leverage and increase your relevance
  • And more!