Taking Back 2021!

Key predictions from our guest Forrester and expert tips from Digimind on how to adapt in real-time to uncertain market conditions, competitive environment, and evolving consumer behaviors.

What a year 2020 was! From the rise of stay-at-home industries like videoconferencing, streaming, and e-commerce, to the shift in companies focusing more on digital engagement, COVID-19 posed challenges and opportunities for brands and consumers alike. Marketers should understand that while a pandemic may be temporary, some trends created by COVID-19 will continue to have a lasting impact well into 2021.


Using the right tools will be crucial for helping marketers develop insight-driven strategies that reflect this new, changed socio-economic landscape, and now’s a perfect time to join Digimind and guest Forrester as we discuss the market’s rapidly shifting priorities.


Join Aurelien Blaha, CMO with Digimind, and guest speaker Cinny Little, Principal Analyst with Forrester, for a must-attend discussion on staying competitive and relevant in 2021, with defensive and strategic actions—focusing on consumer intelligence, competitive intelligence, and market intelligence.

The world has changed, and it isn’t going back to the way things used to be, so you can’t afford not to change with the times and better position your brand for a better, brighter marketing future in the post-Coronavirus era.