Optimizing Content For SEO In 2021

The dream for all brands and businesses is to rank #1 on any online Google search when consumers type relevant keywords into that ever-popular search engine. Nothing beats coming up before all other competitors and shining at the very top as the epitome of what your industry has to offer! Yet for many companies, that vision of search engine supremacy seems out of reach, with little chance of ever coming to fruition no matter what they try. Is that truly the case?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has always been an invaluable tool for marketers trying to spend little or no budget in order to drive traffic to their sites, and thus build their online exposure for better visibility amidst the crowded digital market. Unfortunately, with the recent COVID pandemic, marketing teams’ budgets were being slashed; now brands are starting to refocus on SEO more than paid acquisitions. With the new year upon us, everyone’s coming back around to the vitalness of SEO, and the unbeatable benefits it can provide for brands moving forward!


Join Charles Taylor, a professional industry speaker and one of the leading figures in SEO specialization and management today. With over 15 years of tested experience, Charles has served a number of high-profile companies for a series of vertices: information & affiliate marketing, legal services, eCommerce, and now Enterprise SEO. As SEO Manager at Verizon since 2016, Charles continues to lead the company’s ever-growing Consumer Group.


His important discussion on the long-term value of organic traffic, proper SEO implementation, and online marketing will serve as an important guide for marketing professionals of all levels, and is not to-be-missed!