Reinventing Healthcare Research With Social Intelligence - A Digimind & PRA Health Sciences Webinar

There is no industry in more need of AI & automation than healthcare. But we first need to break down data & workflow silos.”
-Alex Meshkin, Flow Health CEO

Healthcare research is moving faster and faster into the digital age of data-driven insights and a more patient-centric approach, though for many clinics and leaders of medicine, the transition from generic research isn’t happening quick enough.

Social Intelligence is the key to reinventing healthcare research - a way for national and global healthcare intelligence partners to vastly improve their data management, statistical analysis, and comprehensive clinical development services. Not just a marketing activity, social intelligence is a science that allows healthcare researchers and data scientists to derive accurate and actionable insights that can revolutionize healthcare itself. By utilizing the advanced features of social intelligence, any professional will be able to accomplish more with their insights, like creating cohort segments, better understanding patient sentiments, and identifying and predicting intent.


Michael Durwin, the Director of Social Intelligence & Communities with PRA Health Sciences is a social media pioneer with over 25 years worth of professional experience and a passion for social intelligence and digital consultancy.