Deriving Deeper Pharma & Healthcare Insights With Social Intelligence

"The consumer is really underutilized in healthcare"

- Anne Wojcicki, CEO at 23andme

Pharma and Healthcare companies are feeling a lot of things right now due to the fast-changing consumer landscape which is still catching up from 2020. These brands will need to adapt and evolve with changing consumer behaviors or get left behind. With customer conversations rapidly shifting to digital platforms, marketing and insights professionals need new ways to listen to consumer voices and glean real-time insights.

Social media can be a very rich source of insights into customers and markets, and can also provide early signals of new trends. This stands true for patient and healthcare provider insights. By utilizing the advanced features of social intelligence, professionals will be able to accomplish more with their insights, like creating cohort segments, better understanding patient sentiments, identifying key opinion leaders, understanding drug viewpoints, and identifying and predicting intent.


Industry titans like Jillian Scola from Charles River Labs, Jackie Cuyvers from Convosphere, and Michael Durwin from ICON plc, for a timely discussion on important changes from 2020 that greatly impact us today, and explore exciting new ways to become an evolutionary healthcare & pharma marketer.