Socialize Singapore: Experimenting in the Age of Social to Build Awareness Organically

The COVID-19 world has thrown a real head-scratcher for new and experienced marketers alike: how can you consistently find the right data to support marketing and campaign strategies?




Do you know that top marketers use social listening platforms like Digimind Social round the clock to effectively understand conversations about their brand?

As social media becomes the preferred destination for people to table their opinions and experiences, key data that can help to improve business processes can more often than not get lost.

Join us in person at #SocializeSingapore to understand how multi-faceted brands like Google monitor program experiences, measure online presence, and listen to public perception to inform strategies in a streamlined and accurate way.


Our featured speaker, Sam Yatish, Product Marketing Manager at Google, will share her insights on:

  • Transforming data into strategy: spotting patterns and taking quick action
  • Experimenting to find out what gets the most traction
  • Importance of having agility in the online landscape

Here's what you'll discover:

  • What is the extent of social listening, especially for tackling B2B marketing initiatives?
  • The importance for global brands to include LinkedIn coverage to inform content strategies
  • Benchmarking impact before and after campaigns