Travel & Transport CEO Social Media Impact Analysis

Travel and Transport CEOs continue to dominate headlines and shape social media discussions worldwide. As this industry progresses and shifts, we examine online news and social media coverage of the world’s leading Travel and Transport CEOs between 01 January 2024 and 27 March 2024.  


Inside our latest report, you’ll discover the key topics and issues generating CEO coverage, the pivotal figures making waves, and their profound impact on industry discourse. 

Powered by Onclusive's cutting-edge CEO Index and Social Listening capabilities, our analysis offers nuanced perspectives across sectors including Automotive, Airlines, Aerospace, Hotels, Catering, Public Transport, and Couriers and Delivery Services.

Here are just some of the key takeaways from the report:
Global CEO Standouts: Uncover the dominance of US-based CEOs in the global arena, with Tesla, Boeing, United Airlines, and Ford Motor leading the charge. French powerhouse, Stellantis, also claims a significant position among the top ranks. 

Themes Shaping Discourse: Leadership emerged as a focal point in Q1 and was the most discussed topic regarding CEOs in every country. 
The Future of Electric Vehicles (EVs) Dominates: Unsurprisingly, EV development (and its challenges) was an extremely prominent topic for the Travel and Transport industry and was a key driver of CEO mentions globally, with one CEO concerned that the price war initiated by Tesla would end in a “blood bath”. 
Airlines Took the Lead in the USA: The airline sector accounts for the majority of conversations about CEOs in the Travel & Transport industry, with 88% of messages.