Understanding Asia Pacific's Fast Fashion Industry on Social Media

In the modern world of fashion retailers, rapidly shifting trends and an increasingly competitive market, has inspired a new generation of fashion - fast fashion. With 52 "micro-seasons" every year, it's an industry which strives to move the latest designs from the runway to stores as quickly as possible.

For mainstream brands, this industry is often a high-speed race to stay ahead of the competition - a race that is not slowing down on social media.

How can fast fashion players both international and regional, leverage social intelligence to accelerate customers’ path to purchase and position themselves as the reigning leader of style in their markets?

In this report, you will learn:
  • Average weekly engagement rates for the retail industry, and what kind of branded content works best for engagement
  • Key drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction for fast fashion customers
  • Customer engagement trends and best practices on social media
  • And more!