Understanding Asia Pacific's Cosmetics Industry on Social Media

The rising affluence of consumers in Asia Pacific has created a thriving, yet incredibly discerning and brand conscious market for colour cosmetics. With Internet penetration at 48% in the region, Internauts are highly connected to information about beauty trends around the world.

As social fuels intense, yet brief beauty fads, cosmetics brands must all the more innovate and leverage digital marketing channels to create and market products that are “on point” with mainstream trends in each market. At the same time, an increasing number of homegrown brands spells stiff competition for multinational players.

How can international cosmetics brands stay relevant and appealing to customers, while creating valuable experiences and conversations via social media?

This report will give you:
  • Key trends in consumer discussions and behaviors on social media
  • Content trends and strategies for brands
  • 4 best practices for growing online communities into loyal customers