Shifting Towards Sustainability: APAC Automobiles' Great Green Acceleration

Consumers are now seeking cleaner and greener alternatives in the automobile sector. The growing awareness of environmental issues and the need to reduce carbon emissions have propelled the demand for sustainable automobiles like Electric Vehicles (EVs). This shift in consumer mindset has created opportunities within the industry for automakers to cater to these evolving needs. With the rapid pace of technological change and shifting customer demands, automobile companies are pushed to take a strategic approach by diversifying their offerings to meet the nuances of consumer needs.


In this report, we analyze the significant trends and challenges that influence consumers' purchasing behavior and address the widespread perceptions of electric vehicles (EVs) among both businesses and consumers. From the range anxiety that EV drivers face to the challenges posed by ethical concerns of nickel mining for EV production, this report provides a comprehensive overview of the trends shaping the future of EVs and the implications they have for the industry.



This topline report by Digimind collected more than 25.6 million social and online conversations in APAC related to the automobile industry from 2021-2023 to provide you with a current snapshot of the consumer landscape.

Discover in this report:
  • Key Social Figures for automobile-related Mentions
  • New perceptions and behaviors of automobile consumers in APAC
  • Ranking and analysis of the Top 5 automobile companies monitored 
  • Future steps for the industry and brands to leverage and build relevance