Retail Marketing Guide: How to Use Social Intelligence to Optimize Your Customer's Journey

The evolution of the internet, mobile technologies and social media has led an increasingly fragmented customer journey. Besides ensuring all possible customer touchpoints are fully optimized, retailers must also deliver personalized experiences.


Social media is a highly valuable platform for reaching and engaging consumers across markets. But while 69% of retailers see opportunities to use social media to enhance customer experiences, 81% believe these processes need improvement.


Marketers recognize social's potential to propel their brand, but how can they predict consumer demands, improve customer experiences and re-calibrate strategies with insights from channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, news sites, and forums?

This eBook will guide you through:
  • The steps retailers need to take to future proof themselves 
  • How to get insights from social listening at each stage of the customer's journey
  • What data sets to examine 
  • A case study on how Carrefour successfully digitized and improved offerings to customers